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Solo Training Walks


  • A trusted, knowledgeable Trainer with the skills to set up your dog for success.

  • Walks tailored to your dog’s needs. We carefully choose the location each time to optimise your dog’s progress. Find out why this is important here.

  • The Trainer – Katie - will email you a Report Card after each walk so you know exactly what she’s helped your dog with; and what the next steps will be.

  • Positive Reinforcement. Rest assured Joyful Dogs only use reward-based training.


  • 30 minute walk: £20

  • 45 minute walk: £30

  • 1 hour walk: £40

Retriever dog jumping up

We understand that training your dog requires a huge amount of time and effort. If you’re short on time, let us help.

We will train your dog for you...

You don’t need to be there. You can get on with your day or enjoy a well-deserved break while we help your dog with, for example:

  • Learning to walk on a loose lead, without pulling.

  • Behaviour training if your dog is anxious or reactive (around dogs, people, traffic, wildlife, livestock etc)

  • Or perhaps simply getting your young pup ready to join a group walk with a dog walker.

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