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DIY Dog Games

These doggie brain games – also known as Canine Enrichment – are an easy way to have fun with your dog and get Fido working his mind and body.    Psst… Did you know that brain training is vital for a happy, healthy dog?

Bowl & Recall

Train a successful, reliable recall with our "Bowl & Recall" game.  The game will have your dog racing to you when you whistle or call because it taps into your dog's natural chase-drive.  Your dog will love it ... and you'll love the results!  Huge thanks to Kay Laurence for inspiring this video.

Spin The Bottle

This game is so simple but oodles of fun.

It'll get your dog working his brain and motor skills to get to those tasty treats!

Find it


This super scentwork game gets your dog using his nose to find treasure!  Tune into your dog's amazing sniffing skills and have fun playing together.  You could even give your dog his meal as a Find It game?

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