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Why Do Dogs... Love Sniffing Bottoms?!

Dog Sniffing

Well, it’s all about how dogs take in their environment.

As humans we see the world through our eyes... but our dogs ‘see’ the world in scent; they give and receive information through their noses. Think of it as dogs sending each other “pee-mails” instead of emails!

Sniffing another dog’s bottom is the canine version of Wikipedia! It’s a great source of information. This is because a dog’s anal glands contain the most potent scent. So, a good bottom sniff is an expedient way for your dog to find out the other dog’s gender, age, mood and much more. It’s all rather logical really (ifyou’readog)!

And many dogs apply that same logic to humans... by sniffing a person’s groin! Kind of embarrassing for the human but for a dog, it’s just a sensible way of getting information.

Plus, for a medium-sized dog, a person’s groin is conveniently located at dog-head-height! It all makes perfect sense... if you’re a dog!

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