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Are You A Dog-Nut?!

Britain is a nation of dog lovers. But let’s find out

just how dog-mad you really are!

Test yourself with this little Christmas quiz...

Christmas Dogs
Love a Quiz!


A . Do you lie awake at 3am thinking about new ways to make dog puzzles from household recycling? Sleep is overrated right?

B. Do you often reach into your pocket for a tissue, carkeys etc, only to find (yet another) poop bag? (A clean one obvs!!)

C. You have given up on having a completely clean and organised home? It’s more convenient to leave the training props in the living room and dog hair is just your reality at this point.

D. As you get changed for bed, do dog treats fallout?

E. Truth be told, you prefer hanging out with your dog more than your

kiss and cuddle the dog more too.

Girl Hugging Dog

F. You put more effort into ‘enriching’ your dog’s meal time experience than you do in cooking your own dinner.

G. You have more poop bags than shopping bags.

H. You celebrate your dog’s birthday – of course you do!

Dog Birthday
Happy Birthday!

I. Your Amazon Wishlist is mostly comprised of dog stuff: dog beds, harnesses, collars, leads and oodles of dog toys. In fact, you have been googling dog stuff for over an hour now and are late for work.

J. All of your friends have a dog (or are doggie people); you treat non-dog people with scepticism, what’s wrong with them?

K.. When you arrive at the Vets, they always remark “how well prepared you are,” as you pull out your dog’s mat, high value treats etc.

L. more you learn about dog behaviour and training, the more you want to know. You just want to make Rover’s life as super as possible!

M. Your calendar has more dog related commitments than anything else: Agility, Trick Class, Groomers, Vet, Training sessions.

N. Holiday abroad? No chance! If I cant easily take the dog, then it simply wont work.

Dog in Raincoat
Holidays in the UK are great!!

What's Your Score?

If you answered Yes to 10-14 questions – Congratulations! Consider yourself a certified Dog-Nut, we welcome you to the club with outstretch paws.

If you answered Yes to 5-9 questions – Good Boy (or Girl)! We salute your dog- parenting enthusiasm. You are well on your way to becoming a Dog-Geek.

If you answered Yes to 4 questions or less – What’s going on? You appear to have a life outside of your dog! Honestly, where’s your commitment?!

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