healthy dog treats

What Treats Are Best For Your Dog?


  • Fresh, whole foods – provide valuable nutrition to your pet and serve as a tasty snack/treat.
  • Small bites of cheese, ham, chicken work well.
  • As do raw almonds and cashews (for bigger dogs) and raw sunflower seeds (for smaller dogs).
homemade dog treats by Gemma
  • Organic fruits and veg are great options, including:
Table produced by Dr Karen Shaw Becker,

And Remember

Bread, crackers, pasta – and any human junk food, like French fries or ice cream, are not good dog treats. Yet, according to a study published in Preventive Veterinary Medicine, “A wide range of foods which would not be considered balanced for the animal’s nutritional requirements was viewed as a treat by some dog owners.”

Article by Dr Karen Shaw Becker

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