What will your rescue dog learn?

It’s up to you – I can teach you and your dog as much as you want to learn!   The training will be tailor-made for you.  And because its 1:1 we have more time to practise so your rescue dog can become ‘fluent’ in those behaviours.  Joyful Dogs uses a positive reinforcement approach to training so your dog enjoys learning.  Common training topics I help clients with include (but are not limited to):

  • Position cues: learning to sit, down, stand, wait/stay
  • How to say ‘please’
  • Walking nicely on a loose lead – without pulling
  • Greeting people politely (no jumping!)
  • Recall: Using games to build a reliable recall so your dog ‘races’ to you when you call.
  • How to settle
  • How to ‘leave’ certain objects (eg toys, food, slippers)
  • Playing politely – giving up toys/games on cue (‘drop’)
  • Being comfortable being handled (for the vet or grooming)
  • Accepting people near the food bowl
  • Sociability – being comfortable with people, children, other dogs
  • Retrieve training – teaching your dog to bring things to you when you ask


Your rescue dog becomes a pleasure to have around!

You’ll learn how to give your dog clear, consistent messages so he or she understands what’s expected and ‘chooses’ to do the right thing. Whether that be how to walk on a lead or how to be around people.  This concept of ‘choice’ is important. When you have a ‘thinking’ dog, you spend less time ‘directing’ your dog and more time enjoying your relationship together.


Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

  • £60 (up to 75 mins)
  • £50 (up to 60 mins)

Sunday rate

  • £60 – (up to 60 mins)

NB: Prices are based on locations within 5 miles of Cheltenham.  Locations beyond this are possible but will incur an additional ‘time & travel’ charge.

consultConsultation Form & How To Book:

Please click here for the online Consultation form.  Once I have received your form, I’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements and how I can help you and your pup.