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Protect Your Dog From Ticks, Fleas & Worms - The NATURAL way!

Updated: Mar 24

If you’re concerned about the chemicals in conventional ticks, flea and worming treatments then here are 2 NATURAL remedies that work!

Billy No Mates – to keep away fleas, ticks and mites

Verm X – worming treatment

Billy No Mates & Verm X
Billy No Mates & Verm X

Both products have a strong odour – notunpleasant but strong! It’s what keeps theparasitesaway. So, if your dog is a fussy eater you may need to craftily disguise the herbs in his dinner! But if you can surmount this (minor) hurdle, you’ll find that BNM (Billy No Mates) makes your dog’s coat beeeautifully silky and soft ... and makes him smell lovely (it’s not the reason I use the product but it’s a definite bonus).

How The Products Work & How To Switch

Both products create an environment that parasites find repugnant! The herbs repel parasites from wanting to go near your dog in the first place; but should your dog ingest any ‘intruders’, the herbs make it difficult for the parasites to survive. Give BNM alongside your current medication for 1 month to ensure a smooth transition and that your dog is fully protected during the product change.

What Are You Waiting For?!

Let nature’s pharmacy keep your dog parasite-free... and his coat glossy, silky and smelling suuuper!

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