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Festive Food Do’s (and Dont’s) For Your Dog


Does your pooch have a tendency to snaffle Christmas or Easter goodies?  

This handy little chart – courtesy of – tells you what festive foods are ok for your dog to get his (or her) paws on; and also what to keep out of reach.  Remember that onions and nuts (bad for dogs) are ingredients in lots of things from stuffing to gravy so, check the ingredients labels before giving any ‘human’ foods to your dog.


M is for moderation

Even with the items on the ‘ok’ list remember that moderation is the key!  Too much of any novel food, can upset your dog’s stomach. No one likes feeling over-full or bloated – including Fido!

A is for ‘avoid’

Not all food is safe for dogs to eat and while some human food may just cause digestive upsets in dogs, other foods can be much more dangerous (or fatal).

H is for healthy & happy

Keep an eye on your ‘best friend’; make sure he cant snaffle things he shouldn’t so, that you can all have a very happy and healthy Christmas!

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