About Katie Slocombe

I grew up in Somerset with the countryside on my doorstep and a love for animals in my heart. I have always been interested in animal behaviour from a small child where I would watch ants go about their day, collect snails in my nan’s garden and look for wildlife in the local river.

My passion for animal behaviour ignited when my pet Rabbit, Mr Jingles (yes, he was named after the mouse in The Green Mile) became quite ill with teeth issues and developed some interesting behaviours during his recovery. It’s because of him that I went on to study Animal behaviour and Welfare at university.

Post university I have gone on to work with a variety of different species, including cats and rabbits, carrying out behaviour and training work where needed. I have worked with hundreds of dogs over the years, many of those with reactivity issues, and helped transform their lives from stressful/worried dogs into happy, contented dogs that can go on to lead a happy life.



For your peace of mind…

Qualifications & Experience

  • BSc Hons Animal Behaviour and Welfare (2.1) – 2014
  • Veterinary practice work experience – 2010
  • Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter – 2012-2013
  • Cotswold Wildlife Park – 2014-2016
  • Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust – 2016 – present
  • Blue Cross rehoming centre – 2017-present

Professional development

  • Sarah Whitehead – Popping the bubble
  • Sally Gutteridge – The Science of teaching dogs
  • Sarah Whitehead – 21 days to a clever dog
  • Janet Finlay – How to enjoy stress free walks with your reactive dog
  • Beverley Courtney – Brilliant Family Dog Academy
  • John McGuigan – Teaching your dog to walk on loose lead
  • Sarah Fisher – Exploration of ACE free-work techniques
  • Mike Shikashio – Pain and Aggression in dogs

Your dog is in safe hands

  • Katie is fully insured with Protectivity Insurance.
  • References available on request.

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