About Helen Baker

I began working with Joyful Dogs in 2016 when Joy adopted her rescue dog, Gerry who was struggling with separation anxiety.  Together we implemented Joy’s Training Plan and helped Gerry become happy being home alone.  It was enlightening to have been part of the process and to see how a thoughtful training plan can transform a dog’s life.

I started my professional canine career in 2013 when I set up Muddy Buddies, a dog walking and day care business, and have been loving this dog life ever since. I am relentlessly helpful in creating a harmonious relationship between pup and human; saving owners from meltdowns.  I teach you to ‘think dog’ – a counsellor of sorts, if you will.  I have worked with just about every type of dog so can read their body language well. More importantly, I can teach you how to pick up on your dog’s subtle hints and how to be their best guardian, alongside learning the ‘must have’ proud puppy owner tricks.

I look forward to getting to know you and your dog!



For your peace of mind…

Qualifications & Experience

  • BSc Hons Psychology and Anthropology
  • MSc Primate Biology and Conservation
  • Founder and owner of Muddy Buddies – Cotswold Dog Care since 2013 –www.muddybuddies.co.uk
  • Basic training of stray beach dogs in Goa, India
  • Canine First Aid – multiple ‘hands on’ workshops since 2013
  • Recall workshop – Kay Laurence
  • Expanding Your Force Free Dog Training Toolkit – Chirag Patel
  • Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs – Chirag Patel
  • Errorless Learning – Susan Friedman
  • Living and Learning with Animals (introduction) – Susan Friedman
  • Canine Communication – The Language of a Species, Predation Substitute Training, Interactive Play Guide, Rock Solid Recall, Clicker Foundations, Clicking for Resilience – Sally Gutteridge
  • 30 days of Canine Science – School of Canine Science
  • Fear – School of Canine Science

Your dog is in safe hands

  • Helen is fully insured with Pet Business Insurance.
  • References available on request.

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